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Monument Repairs, Cleaning Headstones, Gravestones, Chapels, Additional Headstone Inscriptions Perth
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Complete Monument Repairs and Additionals in Perth

Walking you through our wide range of options, The Monumental Centre can cover all aspects of monuments and memorials in Perth. As part of our services, we offer monument repairs and additionals, based on your specifications.

We personally inspect and photograph every monument that needs an additional inscription or repair. We then provide you with a written quote at no cost. We will make suggestions if we feel that there are any underlying issues. If you can’t get to the cemetery we will provide you with a photo of the monument via email or text so that we can discuss any concerns that you have.

Additional Inscriptions

Servicing your needs in and around Perth, we can add an inscription to any existing monument. We endeavour to match the inscription as closely as possible.

Older monuments may require more work to remove and inscribe, therefore can incur a higher cost.

If you have an existing monument that needs some work done, please contact us for a personal quote, so we can provide you with the best possible price.

Fremantle Monumental Centre - Additionals - Before &After

Clean & Repair

If you need some guidance on how to clean your monument yourself we can be your helping hand in Perth. Specialising in monument repairs, we offer a kit that contains everything you need and instructions on the best way to clean your monument.

Older monuments may have long term damage so we will do our best to help you. In some cases, not everything can be removed or cleaned. Please be aware that bleach, CLR, Easy Off Bam and other products will damage the stone.

For more information on monument repairs and cleaning, feel free to call us.

Fremantle Monumental Centre - Headstones - Before Repair
Fremantle Monumental Centre - Headstones - After Repair