Funeral Urns Perth

Funeral Urns Perth Including Gravestones, Monuments, and Chapels, Additional Headstone Inscriptions Perth

An Extensive Range & Pricing for Funeral Urns Perth and WA

At The Monumental Centre, we are dedicated to quality craftsmanship at factory-direct prices for all Funeral Urns and monuments in Perth. Working with a range of clients throughout Perth and its surroundings, we can create memorial stones that will ensure a lifetime of remembrance for your loved one.

The Monumental Centre is your one-stop-shop for monuments, offering customisation options and services including nationwide distribution of urns and other accessories.

Please view our Gallery, where you can see some of the monuments, chapels, and headstones our Monumental Mason has made. You can view our Range, where we give an indication of pricing for headstones, gravestones, chapels, monuments, and mausoleums.

We also have a variety of urns for ashes, Italian accessories from major suppliers Biondan and Caggiati, and a range of extras including ceramic photos, ceramic vases, crystal photos, pet pebbles, and ceramic flowers that you can buy online.

Fremantle Monumental Centre - Funeral Urns Perth

What will I pay for a Headstone?

How much does a headstone cost in Australia?

How much does a small headstone cost?

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Highest Quality

Some companies have begun to hold back inscription panels to force clients into returning to them for future inscriptions. They are stacked in piles in a warehouse.

We would never consider such an uncaring treatment of our clients. Our panels are attached with screws by tradesmen, not simply glued to the stone. Our lettering is deeply sandblasted and easily refilled in the future.

Stress-Free Service

The business is locally owned and operated in Perth by third generation monumental masons.

We take a personalised approach throughout all aspects of the process to ensure unique memorial stones and monuments. Utilising our experience, we will do everything to make the process as stress free as possible.

Expansive Factory

Catering to your needs in and around Perth, we have an office opposite the rear of Karrakatta Cemetery and an office and factory close to the Fremantle Cemetery.

We welcome clients to see our factory and the large display of memorial stones and monuments we have at our O’Connor and Nedlands site.

Fremantle Monumental Centre - Funeral Urns Perth

What To Look For When Selecting a Funeral Urns Perth

Are they licensed with the Metropolitan Cemetery Board? You can obtain a list of all licensed mason’s from the MCB.
How long have they been in business? It’s wise to select a firm that has been in business for some years, as they produce better quality and have back up for future work or issues.
Do they have a factory? Stay clear of companies using contractors to do their work.
Check out prices, don’t be pressured into making a decision.
Can they complete additional inscriptions and repair work?
Be assured we use the best materials at all times.

We offer individually designed Perth Funeral Urns using only the best materials available. We also have a large stock of monuments and memorials which can all be ordered at factory-direct prices.