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The Monumental Centre is a dedicated company that offers high-quality work at factory-direct prices. Our stone masons have years of experience and provide stunning, custom memorials to suit any sense of style. The Monumental Centre offers all kinds of monuments, including customised options.

Please view our gallery above, which has images of some of the monuments, cemetery chapels, and headstones our Monumental Mason has made. Within our shop, you can get an estimation of costs for headstones, gravestones, cemetery chapels, monuments and mausoleums. You can also view our funeral urns here

We also have urns and Italian accessories from popular brands, and sell a range of extras such as ceramic photos, ceramic vases, crystal photos and pet pebbles that can all be delivered to any address you want.

We can customize any monument with an inscription. If there’s one already, we’ll do our best to match it. If you’re looking to renovate an existing monument in your garden, please contact us for a quote to get the best possible price.

Everyone needs some guidance on how to clean their monument themselves, which is why we can be your helping hand in Perth. We specialise in monument repairs and cleaning, and provide a kit that contains everything you need – from instructions on what’s involved to all of the necessary products. Contact us today to find out more.