Mausoleums & Accessories

Stock Bros Monumental Works is the largest supplier of monuments in Perth.

We only supply the highest quality Mausoleum ornament ranges, manufactured in Italy.

Our mausoleum services include Karrakatta, Fremantle, Swan Regional and Midland.

Mausoleums & Accessories

Our Process

The process in which we produce a mausoleum panel is unique. We have a two step proofing system.

First Proof

The first proof is digital. Our designers create your panel to scale on a computer program, allowing you to make any changes before the panel is removed.
Mausoluem - First Proof

Second Proof

The second proof occurs when the panel is removed. We put the stencil on your panel and lay the ornaments out for you to view either in our O’Connor factory or via a photo. This is to ensure it is all correct before we engrave your panel.
Mausoleum - Proof 2

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Colour Range


Mausoleum ornaments include:
• Vases
• LED lamps
• Photos + frames (note that photo and frame count as 1 ornament)
• Crosses or Crucifixes
• Rose, Angel or Mary plaques

Sizing of Ornaments:
• Vases and lamps can be a maximum of 250mm High x 150mm Wide x 150mm Deep
• All other ornaments 260mm High x 150mm Wide x 150mm Deep

Mausoleum 11
  Single Shutter panel Double shutter panel
Number of Ornaments 4 in total plus inscription 8 in total plus inscription
Combination of vase/lamps 2 vases OR 1 vase and 1 LED lamp 4 vases OR 2 vases and 2 LED lamps
Example 1 Crucifix + 1 Photo with frame + 1 vase + 1 LED lamp


1 Cross + 2 Photos + 2 vases + 2 LED lamps + 1 Angel plaque


Your inscription may be:


Engraved and Painted


Engraved with Gold Leaf


Bronze Plaque


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